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Another spring is coming, and another good spring. Thank you for entering Xingmao website! The spring breeze touches all things, and spring seems to wake up slowly in silence, showing its charm everywhere. Spring returns to the earth, and the land quietly sprouts the green of life, and warms up the hope of a year. The plan of the year is spring. Yes, in this golden spring, Xingmao and Crushing and recovery equipment industry customers and friends will seize this wonderful spring, plant a seed of hope, set off a lofty ideal, and look forward to the fragrance of the fruits. forge ahead with enterprise and fortitude. Xingmao people thank you again for your attention and support to Gongyi Xingmao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd! Bless you The family thrives in harmony, all blessings are parallel, happiness and peace, and everything goes smoothly! Bless your company to win the praise of customers from all over the world, and expand the wealth of all sides!!

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China Gongyi Xingmao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has grown rapidly with scientific management methods, continuous improvement in manufacturing processes, and innovative manufacturing concepts. Xingmao Machinery has grown into a major manufacturer of environmental protection machinery production and export in China.

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